What Does My NCard Do?

The NCard is designed to be your permanent University of Nebraska-Lincoln photo identification card. It will be valid as long as you are affiliated with UNL. The NCard system is campus-wide and is used by campus departments and offices for identification, access, and optional services.

  • The NCard should be carried when on UNL property and must be presented upon request.
  • Misuse of the NCard may result in disciplinary action and/or confiscation of the NCard.
  • Under the Student Code of Conduct, "it shall be an act of misconduct to loan, transfer, or alter the student NCard."


What Does My NCard Get Me Access To?

The following are units that use the NCard for identification and access. You do not have to apply for any other service to use them. NOTE: This does not include making purchases!


How Do I Make Purchases With My NCard?

Campus Account

As a registered student or faculty/staff member at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, you may open an NCard Campus Account. Charges made to your NCard appear on your Student Accounts Consolidated Bill if you are a student or appear as a payroll deduction for faculty and staff. The NCard Campus Account may be used for purchases at the following locations: