All photographs must be taken in a manner which provides a free, clear, and unobstructed view of the face. No articles of clothing such as caps, hats, earmuffs, scarves, etc. are permitted during the photographing process. Glasses may be worn; however, sunglasses may not be a part of the finished photograph.

The only exception to this policy is for students who may present evidence that the inclusion of the photo on the card is a direct violation of their religious and spiritual beliefs concerning the reproduction of images. To qualify for this exception the student must present to the NCard Office, a letter from a minister, a pastor, or a professional spiritual leader of his/her denomination certifying that the presence of the photo is a direct violation of that particular denomination's religious beliefs. In addition, the student should also acquire from the spiritual leader and present a copy of the denomination's constitution, by laws, or similar documents already in print which attest to the on-going doctrine regarding such photos and their reproduction as being not permitted as part of their religious beliefs.

Photos can be submitted online via the online application. See requirements for applicant-submitted photos on that page.