What is the NCard? What can I use the NCard for?
The NCard is UNL's official photo identification card. It is valid as long as individuals are a registered student or employed at UNL. The NCard system is campus-wide and is used by campus departments and businesses for identification, access and optional services such as purchasing and educational discounts. The NCard is nontransferable and is the property of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
How do I get my NCard?
NCards can be obtained by going to the NCard Office located in Room 121, of the Nebraska Union at 14th & R Street. To obtain your NCard you must be a registered student or current employee or Affiliate at UNL. You will need to present one form of government issued photo ID. This ID can be issued by federal, state or local government agencies provided it contains a photograph, name and date of birth such as driver's license, passport, or military ID. The first issue card is free of charge.
Where do I get my Student ID if I'm an Intercampus Student?
Any UNL student whose program is located on a campus other than Lincoln will enroll on that campus and receive student services from that campus.  Only students who are enrolled on the Lincoln campus can receive a UNL NCard.  If the student feels his or her enrollment status is in error, the student should contact the Office of Admissions (undergraduate) or Office of Graduate Studies (graduate).

Lost or Stolen

What should I do if my NCard is lost or stolen?
The NCard is valuable and should be protected from theft and misuse. Loss or theft of the NCard must be reported immediately to the NCard Office in person, by phoning (402) 472-7331, or online. After hours, loss or theft of the NCard may still be reported by calling (402) 472-7331 and leaving a message on the voice mail system. Promptly reporting the card missing will protect you from improper charges to your NCard Campus Account and other misuses of the NCard. You may be responsible for the first $50 in transactions made with your card until loss or theft is reported to the NCard Office.
If I lost my current NCard, but found a previous one, can I activate the previous NCard?
No, once a new NCard has been issued it becomes your current card and cancels all previous cards. Previous cards are canceled to prevent anyone else from using your misplaced card.
How do I remove a lost or stolen flag from my NCard?
You must go to the NCard Office in person to request the flag be removed. You will need to present your found NCard to be entered back into the system.

NCard Campus Account

How do I use my NCard to charge on campus?
Registered students and employees may open an NCard Campus Account for use at University operated services and affiliated vendors.
How do I pay off my purchases?
Purchases charged using your NCard Campus Account appear on your Student Accounts Consolidated Bill or as a monthly payroll deduction for employees.
What is my spending limit?
You have a $300 spending limit per month to purchase goods and services using your NCard Campus Account.  Textbooks do not go against the $300 spending limit.  Please see NCard Terms and Conditions for more information on textbook purchases.
Can I request an increase on the spending limit?
No. The NCard Campus Account system does not allow for fluctuating spending limits.
How does this limit affect my ability to purchase my textbooks and get them on my Consolidated Bill?
The NCard Campus Account can be used to purchase your textbooks. There's a $2,000 per semester spending limit for textbooks.  Textbooks do not go against the $300 general use spending limit.
How do I use my NCard to order my textbooks online?
You must have opened the NCard Campus Account.  Open your NCard Campus Account online.
Can I use the NCard off campus?
No, the NCard Campus Account is for on campus purchases only.


What happens if I legally change my name?
Student legal name changes need to be made at Student Records in Room 107 of the Canfield Administration Building. Student Records will give you a pink copy of your Name change form to bring to the NCard office. You will need to present your pink copy of the form along with your old NCard. The NCard office will trade out the old card for a new one. If you do not have an old NCard, you must present one form of identification such as a driver's license or passport.
What happens if I want to change my legal name to a preferred name on my NCard?
Students may designate a preferred name under the Profile section in MyRED. An overnight process will update the student's record in the NCard system to the preferred name. The following day the student may go to the NCard Office located in Room 121, of the Nebraska Union at 14th & R Street to get a new card with the preferred name printed on it. There is a $20.00 fee for the new card.
Now that I am a graduate student, can I use the same NCard I used as an undergraduate?
Yes, the NCard is your permanent UNL identification card that you receive once when you enroll at UNL. NCards are activated by registration status. The card becomes active the first day of the term you are registered. The same card can be used even after time has been taken off from school.


As a parent, can I view my student's Consolidated Bill online?
Consolidated Bills are generated by the 25th of each month and are available for immediate viewing. Students will be notified via e-mail when a bill is available to view each month. Information on parent access to MyRED


Do I get a student NCard if I am Faculty/Staff taking classes?
No, Faculty/Staff going through the tuition remission program are not eligible for student privileges. The Faculty/Staff NCard will show registration status when it is scanned.


How Can I use my Affiliate NCard?
The NCard is designed to be your permanent UNL photo identification card. The NCard system is campus-wide and is used by campus departments and offices to verify the cardholder's identification. The NCard is nontransferable and is the property of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Now that I am a student or faculty/staff, do I need a new NCard?
Yes, the NCard is your permanent UNL identification card that you received when you became affilated with UNL. You were issued a special Affiliate NCard and you will now need to receive a Student or Faculty/Staff NCard.