University Bookstore Textbook Online Ordering

  1. Login to MyRed. Click on the red "Enrollment" tab, on the next screen click on the "Summer 2018" tab and then the blue "Textbook Online Ordering" button.
  2. When you choose the "Remind Me" button the University Bookstore will notify you via email when textbooks are available for purchase.
  3. When you choose the "Order Now" button you will be taken to the Bookstore's Course Materials page. Choose the textbooks you want to purchase and whether you want new or used. Choose to pick your books up or have them shipped to you. Select your method of payment, NCard or a major credit card.  Check out and you're done.
  4. The University Bookstore will pre-package your textbooks and bill them to the payment type* you selected and either ship them out or hold them for pick-up.  *NCard transactions appear on UNL's Student Accounts Consolidated Bill, you will not receive an invoice from the University Bookstore.
  5. You will receive an email letting you know that we have processed your order and that it has either been shipped or is ready for pick-up.


At which bookstores can I charge my books to my NCard Campus Account/UNL Consolidated Bill?

The University Bookstore inside the Nebraska Union.

Books and materials purchased anywhere other than the University Bookstore can not be charged to the NCard Campus Account and can not be put on the Student Accounts Consolidated Bill.

My son's/daughter's purchased textbooks didn't appear on their UNL Student Accounts Consolidated Bill, what happened?

Textbooks and other supplies can only be charged to the UNL Student Accounts Consolidated Bill when the student uses their NCard as the method of payment at the University Bookstore inside the Nebraska Union.

Textbooks that have been purchased using the NCard Campus Account program typically appear on the Consolidated Bill's second billing cycle. For Fall semester that means textbooks would typically appear on the September bill due in October and for Spring semester it means textbooks would typically appear on the January bill due in February.

How do I order textbooks online?

  1. Follow University Bookstore's Textbook Online Ordering steps at the top of this page.
  2. You'll need to open a NCard Campus Account, unless you have already opened it or plan to use another method of payment.