Student NCard Charge Agreement

1. I hereby verify that I am a registered student of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and have a current NCard. I wish to activate my student NCard for purpose of charging goods and services on the Nebraska campuses. I understand that my charging privileges will be in conjunction with my status as a Nebraska student. Therefore, these privileges are available to me only during the terms I am enrolled at Nebraska.

2. I understand and agree that I have a maximum spending limit of $300.00 for general use each billing cycle and $2000.00 for textbooks and school supplies at the University Bookstore each term, all monthly balances will be posted to my Consolidated Bill at the Student Accounts Office. An itemized statement will be posted via MyRed as recorded at the Student Accounts Office and students will be notified via e-mail when the bill is available for viewing. Billing is generated by the 25th of each month, and prompt payment in full is due on or before the 12th of the following month. I understand this is not a revolving account and IF A PAYMENT IS LATE I WILL BE ASSESSED A $35.00 LATE FEE. In addition, late payment may result in temporary suspension of charging privileges. The Student Accounts Office may also use other allowable University policies for collection.

3. I understand and agree that if my statement contains a billing error that I should notify the Student Accounts Office in writing. I understand that I must provide such written notice within 60 days after I received the first statement on which the error or problem appeared. I can telephone the Student Accounts Office, but doing so will not preserve my rights. I agree that my written notice must contain the following information:

  • My Full Name and Student Identification Number;
  • The dollar amount of the suspected error;
  • A description of the error and an explanation (if possible) why I believe there is an error. If I need more information, I should describe the item I am not sure about.

I understand that upon receipt of my letter the University will conduct a "reasonable investigation" into the suspected error. During such investigative period, the University cannot try to collect the questioned amount, nor report me as delinquent. I understand that I do not have to pay any questioned amount while the same is under investigation, but I am obligated to pay the parts of my statement that are not questioned.  Upon completion of the investigation, I will be notified of any corrections made to my account. If it is determined that no billing error has occurred, I will be notified of the same in writing.

4. The use of the NCard for charging goods and services is restricted to the campuses of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and any location at any time may cease to offer goods and services without notice.