Replacement NCards Issued Shortly After an Address Change (Red Flag Rule)

The Federal Trade Commission has promulgated a "Red Flag Rule" aimed at protecting consumers from identity theft. This rule requires us, as deferred payment card issuers, to assure the validity of a request for a replacement card which follows closely a change of address.

Our replacement cards are issued on site and are not mailed to our customers. Additionally, each cardholder is allowed only one NCard at a time. After having reported their card lost or stolen, in order to have one re-issued, the cardholder must come in to the NCard Office and present a current, government issued photo identification. After a visual verification, a new card will be issued and given to the student or employee.

For Distance Learning Students and outstate UNL employees, to whom cards can be mailed, the NCard Office will only mail the card to the address of record AND the address of record must match the address on the picture identification sent in with the request. If it does not, the distance learner/employee may provide a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, or other government document that verifies their name and residence as shown in the student information system or the human resources/payroll system.

In the event there is any discrepancy noted, the NCard Office will notify the Associate Director of Registration and Records, 59 Canfield who will investigate the discrepancy and involve UNL Police as warranted.